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Florida Hedgehogs

A leading hedgehog breeder in sunny north Florida since 2006 - Formerly Hood Petz


We ask that you thoroughly review our Hedgehog Care page before picking up a hedgehog from us.  This will reduce the time of the pick up meeting.
When meeting with us please bring a pen with blue or black ink and hand sanitizer
(for yourself).  Thanks 🙂


You must be 18 or older to purchase a hedgehog from us.
Proof of age and residence in a location where hedgehogs are legal to own is required.
Forms of ID that are accepted:  State issued ID or driver's license.
No ID, No Hedgehog.  No Exceptions.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee that all hedgehogs sold by us are free from any known and undisclosed illnesses or defects.  We provide our buyers with lifetime support.
All buyers must have their new hedgehog examined by a licensed veterinarian who is experienced with hedgehogs within 5 business days of the date of purchase, and return the vet card (that we provide) to us.  Failing to do so will nullify any/all guarantees.

In the unlikely event that a hedgehog sold by us is found to have a life-threatening congenital or genetic defect or WHS, the hedgehog will be replaced with a hedgehog of equal value (based on current age) as soon as one is available and once we have received the original hedgehog and all documentation from the veterinarian confirming such diagnosis.
We reserve the right to a conference with the diagnosing veterinarian for confirmation or additional details.  We reserve the right to a second opinion, at our expense.  Replacement does not include shipping, travel, or any other costs.

If a hedgehog purchased from us should die from any illness that is suspected to be congenital or genetic, the buyer is expected to notify us immediately and have a necropsy performed by licensed veterinarian who is experienced with hedgehogs.  If it is determined and documented by the veterinarian that the cause of death was a congenital or hereditary condition or WHS, the hedgehog will be replaced with a hedgehog of equal value (based on age at time of death) as soon and one is available and once we have received the necropsy report and any other supporting documentation from the veterinarian confirming the cause of death.
We reserve the right to a conference with the diagnosing veterinarian for confirmation or additional details.  We reserve the right to a second opinion, at our expense.  Replacement does not include shipping, travel, or any other costs.

We make no guarantees regarding cancers of any type.  It is our belief, based on scientific data, that many cancers are caused by artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and other chemicals in commercial pet foods as well as growth hormones that are often fed to insects.  Additionally, improper hygiene of the hedgehog and its enclosure can lead to serious infections and potential cancers, masses, tumors and abscesses.

PLEASE NOTE:  No replacement will be given without documentation of the illness/death by a licensed veterinarian who is experienced with hedgehogs.  If you are unable to have a necropsy performed, please contact us immediately about returning the remains to us so that we may have the necropsy performed; in which case no replacement will be given regardless of cause of death but we track health issues and would like the opportunity to have an unknown death examined.
Never place the remains in the freezer as it will destroy the possibility of a proper necropsy. 
We are not responsible for any medical expenses except:  A conference between us and the diagnosing veterinarian for confirmation, a second opinion that is at our request, a necropsy that we offer to have performed with no replacement hedgehog.
Special Note:
It is very important to notify the breeder when an animal dies from any condition that is known/suspected to be genetic or hereditary.

We consider failure to provide the hedgehog with the required temperatures of 75°F - 80°F, to be a form of abuse, which will nullify this guarantee.
We consider failure to offer a proper diet (consisting of LIVE insects a minimum of 2 days per week) to be a form of neglect, which will nullify this guarantee.
We will not replace any hedgehog that dies/becomes ill as a result of any form of neglect/abuse; including, but not limited to:
 - The above mentioned temperature and dietary requirements
 - Gastric or intestinal impaction
 - Allergic reaction of any type
 - Injuries and wounds
 - Respiratory infections
 - Skin infections
 - Parasitic infestation

Deposits & Payments

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve hedgehogs.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing to our policies.
Deposits are payable online, via PayPal, and include a 5% fee (for a total of $52.50).
Hedgehogs are not considered reserved until the deposit has been received by us.
After receipt of the deposit, the hedgehog is marked RESERVED and is no longer available to other buyers.
After placing a deposit, you are expected to pay the remainder in full and pick up
the hedgehog within 7 calendar days unless they are not yet weaned.

No hedgehog will leave us until any/all online payments have cleared.

Click here to submit a deposit.
NOTE:  E-checks take several days to clear.  This may cause a delay in your pick up date resulting in additional fees.


If payment is sent and we later determine that the sale is not in the best interest of the hedgehog, the seller, or the buyer, the payment will be refunded in full.  This full refund is ONLY in the event that it is our decision to cancel the sale and that our decision was not based on deception on your part.  If you have completed our Contact Form and were deceptive about your age, your residence in a legal state, whether or not you currently own hedgehogs, your intentions regarding breeding, or who the actual intended owner of the hedgehog is/will be, we will not refund the full payment; the $50.00 deposit amount will be retained and the remainder will be refunded.
If we have traveled to meet with you, the travel fee will not be refunded as those services were provided to you.


We do our best to ensure that every hedgehog that leaves us is matched with a suitable owner.
We would like to see every animal go to a forever home but we do understand that sometimes circumstances can leave some pet owners with no choice but to re-home or return their pet.

We REQUIRE that our buyers notify us in the event that they are unable to keep their hedgehog.
We reserve the option to take the hedgehog in rather than the owner sending the hedgehog to a new home that we have not screened.

If the hedgehog is returned to us in good health and of the same temperament as when it left, the following section outlines our return policy.

Within 7 calendar days of purchase - 70% refund of the purchase price.
8 - 14 calendar days of purchase - 60% refund of the purchase price
15 - 30 calendar days of purchase - 50% refund of the purchase price
31 - 45 calendar days of purchase - 40% refund of the purchase price
45 - 60 calendar days of purchase - 30% refund of the purchase price
After 60 days, no refund is given, but are always happy accept the hedgehog as a rescue.

Refunds are offered in cash at the return of the hedgehog.
Shipping charges and delivery fees will not be refunded once those services have been provided to you.
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us ill.
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us injured.
No refund will be given for any hedgehog that is returned to us with new temperament issues that it did not have at the time of sale; such as biting.